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I never really post pictures of myself BUT this weekend I went to a for al and wore this amazing BCBG gown. It clings really close and when I looked in pictures- DUDADADA!- I saw my hips bones. Check this shit out. Ooooohhhh yeahhhhh. (I’m in blue).
That’s right bitches. Try and tell me I’m not fabulous. This is one week of intense cardio and strict diet every day. I can totally get used to this.
Please excuse the wet pants. It’s pouring. 
But look at my thighssssss
Diet has done me well during the holidays. I indulged, but in small bits and pieces. Then when I got home I went to the gym for 45 minutes worth of strength and cardio. This is after ONE DAY of working out and a few weeks of good eating.

That breakfast doe….

Toastes whole wheat bread spread with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey, topped with banana slices. And an iced alpine berry tea. NOM.

It’s 3 miles today.


The boy moves into the frat house today. And I found out yesterday, that just 5 days after moving into my new place I have to move out. Thanks to the owner of my apartment for not paying your mortgage.
Anyway, my best friend and I decided that we’re going to the beach for three days before classes start.

Food, it was nice knowin ya. Starting a strict diet and exercise plan today.

Lawrence told me…

…my body is “as tight as a little tiger.” Odd choice of words, maybe, but I’ll take it. :)

Another good day.

I’ve been doing much better about eating my veggies, which I’ve always had a problem doing. I am anemic, so I really should eat more green veggies in order to make up for my lack of iron. So that’s my new challenge to myself.

Also, this is my 4th day in a row running 2 miles non stop in under 20 minutes. I’m determined to start running EVERY day. 30 days makes a habit, and I’m on my way.

Snack! Lettuce an tomato with cucumber and avocado salad tipped with grain mustard. Sooooo yum.

Feeling sick. But I don’t know why.

I ate pretty good so far today. “/ And I’m supposed to go out downtown to a super nice place on a date tonight. I don’t want to be that girl ordering salad, but I may just be.

Annnnnnd this is why I keep him around.