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That’s right bitches. Try and tell me I’m not fabulous. This is one week of intense cardio and strict diet every day. I can totally get used to this.

Lawrence told me…

…my body is “as tight as a little tiger.” Odd choice of words, maybe, but I’ll take it. :)


I honestly may die I am so happy with how I look right now.

Another good day.

I’ve been doing much better about eating my veggies, which I’ve always had a problem doing. I am anemic, so I really should eat more green veggies in order to make up for my lack of iron. So that’s my new challenge to myself.

Also, this is my 4th day in a row running 2 miles non stop in under 20 minutes. I’m determined to start running EVERY day. 30 days makes a habit, and I’m on my way.


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Thanks lovesss!

Annnnnnd this is why I keep him around.
How cool- it tells me where I ran, how far and how many elevation changes. While I was running it even had a little voice update me on my pace and distance.


About anything. Ask me something, tell me something……

Day 1: 119.2 pounds. 8 to go.

I’ve decided that starting tomorrow I am recording changes. I will do my stats every few days and post pics. So here it all starts tomorrow!

Wore this to work…my go-to outfit lately is a long tank with leggings. Just so comfy!

Skinny self-shot