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Last night.

Was one of the bets times I’ve had in a while. Went to a party a guy from class invited me to at his house. He’s so freaking hot. Hippy dude, with the hair and all.

We hooked up, and boy was it great. But he’s so thin and in such good shape. I need to remotivate. I’m miserable.

Oh dear lord PLEASE let this happen.

Got a recruitment email for this music fest a few towns over. They need help with bands signing autographs, somebody to direct and control the crowd. But some of my favorite bands will be there. Let’s hope I get the call back!!!

M finally spilled.

Said the reason he’s been flakey is because he doesn’t want to date.

But he still has feelings for me.

I said to fuck off.

I’ve lost 3 pounds.

Eating soft foods has helped me lose.

But I feel gross. No activity has drained me completely.

I’m just feeling really sorry for myself.

I don’t want to be grossly, unhealthily skinny.

I want to be healthy, curvy but thin.

I want my ribs and collar bones to show, but not to lose my chest and butt.

I want clothes to look good on me, but I want to look better naked.

Let’s do this!

Lawrence told me…

…my body is “as tight as a little tiger.” Odd choice of words, maybe, but I’ll take it. :)


And when I made it back, everybody was playing volleyball so I joined. Such a good workout day!

Holy crap last night was AWESOME

We went for sushi, and had a few drinks over dinner. Then migrated to a more casual bar for more drinks. And met up with his frat brothers at the local fratty hangout, Loose Change. I felt so good that he wanted to introduce me to everybody. He kept his hands on my knee or my back and gave me kisses on the cheek every once in a while in front of everybody. Ahhh I am in major like.

Ran 2 miles this AM.

Planning on 2 more tonight.

I’m running 5K today.

I have been AWFUL to myself lately. Time to whip my butt into shape.


I honestly may die I am so happy with how I look right now.

It’s 112 degrees here.

No fucking way am I running in this. I DO NOT have a death wish.