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Please excuse the wet pants. It’s pouring. 
But look at my thighssssss

Lawrence told me…

…my body is “as tight as a little tiger.” Odd choice of words, maybe, but I’ll take it. :)


I honestly may die I am so happy with how I look right now.
Snack! Lettuce an tomato with cucumber and avocado salad tipped with grain mustard. Sooooo yum.
Ohmygosh! That’s MY body, with 306 notes!!!! I did it!!


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Thanks lovesss!

Need motivation.

I need motivation. Motivation to work out and eat right and be good to me.

Let’s hear it.

Annnnnnd this is why I keep him around.

Good day.

Except the being a broke college kid part, it’s been good.

I am leaving work to go run, and then taking some cupcakes to D for his 20th. Maybe a little celebrating of our own will happen…

How many cals does sex burn?

Does anybody know what exercises I can do for lean ab muscles?

I want to look toned, not ripped. Any exercises in particular I should try?

Also, any other exercises for legs? I want to tone my thighs.